Ronnie Sahlberg <> writes:

> There are also a lot of places where we assume that a refs will start
> with "refs/heads/" and not just "refs/"
> for_each_branch_ref(), log_ref_setup() (so no reflogs) is_branch() to
> name a few.

for-each-BRANCH-ref and is-BRANCH are explicitly about branches and
it is natural that they will work only on refs that start with
refs/heads/, no?  I am not sure about log-ref-setup ("git grep pu"
does not find it).

> This makes the api a bit confusing and hard to predict. Which
> functions allow refs/foo and which will ignore it?  Are there any
> compelling reasons why refs/foo should be allowed?

The only one I can think of offhand that we internally use is the
stash, but that does not give us any assurance that no third-party
tool is using refs/frotz for its own use X-<.
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