On 26/08/14 11:23, Jeff King wrote:
> The log-tree code keeps a "struct decoration" hash to show
> text decorations for each commit during log traversals. It
> makes this available to other files by providing global
> access to the hash. This can result in other code adding
> entries that do not conform to what log-tree expects.
> For example, the bisect code adds its own "dist"
> decorations to be shown. Originally the bisect code was
> correct, but when the name_decoration code grew a new field
> in eb3005e (commit.h: add 'type' to struct name_decoration,
> 2010-06-19), the bisect code was not updated. As a result,
> the log-tree code can access uninitialized memory and even
> segfault.
> We can fix this by making name_decoration's adding function
> public. If all callers use it, then any changes to structi


> initialization only need to happen in one place (and because
> the members come in as parameters, the compiler can notice a
> caller who does not supply enough information).
> As a bonus, this also means that the decoration hashes
> created by the bisect code will use less memory (previously
> we over-allocated space for the distance integer, but not we


> format it into a temporary buffer and copy it to the final
> flex-array).
> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <p...@peff.net>

Ramsay Jones

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