Jeff King <> writes:

> In the previous commit, we made add_name_decoration global
> so that adders would not have to access the hash directly.
> We now make the hash itself static so that callers _have_ to
> add through our function, making sure that all additions go
> through a single point.  To do this, we have to add one more
> accessor function: a way to lookup entries in the hash.
> Since the only caller doesn't actually look at the returned
> value, but rather only asks whether there is a decoration or
> not, we could provide only a boolean "has_name_decoration".
> That would allow us to make "struct name_decoration" local
> to log-tree, as well.
> However, it's unlikely to cause any maintainability harm
> making the actual data public, and this interface is more
> flexible if we need to look at decorations from other parts
> of the code in the future.

I didn't think we want only-bool version, but it is nice to see it
explained well.

I may have called it lookup_name_decoration() to match, though, if I
were doing this patch ;-)

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