Dear Git developers:

I just found a suspicious bug that might cause by git-bisect run. 

The git version is 1.9.2, running on Archlinux 3.14.2

The step to produce the error:
Here is the repository I participate:

It got a issue #74, that gives a wrong result in version 1.2.8
and this is fixed in 1.2.9

Here is the manual test script I use is "":

I use git bisect manually, search from 1.2.9(bad) to 1.2.8(good), I locate the 
commit that fixes this issue. The running log is attached in this file(manual).

However if I use the automatic script
git bisect run
with the script "auto script":

It will give a wrong answer, the log file is also attached(auto)

I wonder there might be some bugs in "bisect run", that give the different 
result. The bisect run give the wrong result, and manually there is no error in 

The test step is a little complicated, and I have to compress the test script 
and result in tar since mail server think the test code as spam. it's very 
sorry to bother you.



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