@ekextr using Scintilla word lists for that is unrealistic in the current state 
of things, it's way too slow.  I tried populating the list of C preprocessor 
symbols in a plugin, with all the macros definitions, and it caused very 
annoying slowdowns.  Nothing causing a lockup, but way enough to be noticeable 
and annoying.
So I'd think that the very same kind of problem would show with a very large 
list of function names.  Possibly worse as there are a lot more identifiers to 
check against.  Or possibly less because there's nothing to further compute.
Anyway, I think before searching down this path testing how Scintilla can cope 
with a *huge* keyword list is needed.

Also, as there is actual syntax for function declarations and call, it might 
make more sense to highlight that syntax rather than known function names.

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