> I'm not sure why we accept invalid UTF-8 (well, it's structurally valid, but 
> contains reserved code points),

>From pickyweedia "Not decoding surrogate halves makes it impossible to store 
>invalid UTF-16, such as Windows filenames, as UTF-8. Therefore, detecting 
>these as errors is often not implemented and there are attempts to define this 
>behavior formally (see WTF-8 and CESU below)."

And Glib needs to round trip Windows filenames to/from UTF-8 so its reasonable 
that it doesn't object.

>  Or we don't use the same thing for UTF-8 (GLib) than UTF-16 (iconv through 
> GLib), and GLib is more forgiving.

Well, for files that Geany thinks are UTF-8 (or is told by the user are UTF-8) 
we don't do a conversion, just validate, so its different in that way.

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