Actually I tested SciTE, which is kind enough to open the file without problem, 
and simply showing plain bytes for the invalid ones, making line 1738 (last 
one) look like this:

It's pretty messy but fair enough.  However, we probably won't do that, because 
being able to have a fixed encoding in the data we load means that we have to 
handle encoding conversion in a single place, instead of everywhere something 
touches the data -- and there are a lot of code that does that, it's and editor 
after all.
Also, as UTF-8 can represent virtually any textual data (anything inside 
Unicode), it would only help with invalid input (like here) or binary data 
(which probably would better be handled with a hex filter).  So I'm afraid it 
won't happen.
If someone has a nice solution though, I'd love to be proven wrong.

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