@LarsGit223 yes thats exactly what I mean.

> If there is more than one plugin, what do we do?

Probably the same as when two plugins share any resources now, fail in 
unpredictable ways.  This already occurs when you run two plugins that both use 
markers (bookmarks is one, not sure of the other).

Whilst I have argued in the past that Geany needs to somehow mediate between 
plugins, I have become convinced that in reality Geany just can't know what to 
do, and either the plugin authors have to write them to play nice together, or 
the user has to not use both at the same time.  Since Geany doesn't know what 
plugins do, how is it going to decide who wins?  Should the "project" plugin 
that says its priority zero beat the "C language features" plugin that also 
calls itself priority zero and also wants to set commands?  And what about when 
the current file is a Python file?  Geany just doesn't know.

Since any mechanism is going to be specific to what the plugins want to do, and 
shared between plugins, maybe if there is a mechanism you can implement for a 
specific case it should go in your shared plugin library, eg
plugin_set shared commands_decided_by_arm_wrestling(credentials, 
command_number, command)

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