Information communication technologies and the Volunteer sector.

Jayne Craven's email with its very useful information on Instant
Messaging initiatives is timely: the negative view on the utility of
such initiatives is still very much in play. I constantly receive
reviews of my work which doubt the utility of such initiatives and my
recording and advocacy of their importance. Indeed, to get such views
mainstreamed is no easy business. There is a need for a stronger
inventory of successful schemes in one place and better marketing of
the knowledge about such schemes in development, 'expert' and policy
circles as well as the allocation of resources for the development of
such schemes in community settings. Perhaps an INFODEV project which
did this would be a good idea: or a World Bank volume similar to its
Participation hand book which clearly advocated electronic 
participation at the community level.

Jayne Craven's email indicates the time has come to provide a systematic
answer to the suggestion that high tech solutions have no place in
resolving low income end problems.

Margaret Grieco
Professor of Transport and Society
Napier University
Academic Visitor
Department of City and Regional Planning
Cornell University

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