Volunteer managers already have phones and email to work with offsite
volunteers. What is the advantage of using Instant Messaging (IM) with
such volunteers as well? UNITeS <http://www.unites.org>, the ICT
volunteering initiative of United Nations Volunteers
<http://www.unvolunteers.org>, has created a new article to help
illustrate the advantages for using IM to work with volunteers, based on
feedback from various online discussion groups, from our own staff
experiences, and other resources.

To read the article regarding using IM with volunteers, visit:

This article is a followup to the very popular online resource by
UNITeS, "Handheld computer technologies in community
service/volunteering/advocacy. This article provides an overview of
examples of people using handheld computer/personal digital assistants
(PDAs) or phones as part of community service/volunteering/advocacy, and
examples that could be applied to volunteer settings. To read this
article regarding handheld computers and volunteers, see:

United Nations Information Technology Services (UNITeS), as part of the
UN Volunteers programme, places and supports volunteers in developing
countries to help local communities apply ICT to a number of areas
(health, education, agriculture, the environment, etc.). UNITeS also
promotes volunteerism as a key element to the success of ICT for
Development (ICT4D) activities. For information on UNITeS, including
information on how to get involved with its activities, see:

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Jayne Cravens 
Online Volunteering Specialist
United Nations Volunteers 
Bonn, Germany

UNITeS http://www.unites.org
Netaid http://www.netaid.org/OV
Global portal to volunteering: http://www.iyv2001.org

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