Its increasingly clear to us:

That there are no standard answers to it - people have begun using what
they have access to - GSM, TDMA, WiFi, cable (even where there is no
telephone and it is primarily used for TV), VSAT or what have you.

That each piece of technology gets created to (a) either address a
specific problem or (b) becomes available to some unintended problems on
its way to finding a solution to something at a remove (c) simply
serendipity (d) stumbling upon something by users etc...

There is little planning outside of large organised structures to
address the issue (both governmental and commercial) and efficacy of
corporate investments in terms of both quality and ROI is generally
closer to targets than the government bodies have managed.

There has been an opening of mind that life according to internet cannot
be lived in megs or gigs but, enthusiasts of any success hyping it up to
a level that it becomes counter-productive, continue to flourish.

The quality of emerging/ alternate technologies is far from satisfactory
and in terms of quality cost-effectiveness may also be equally suspect.

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