The regulatory environment is very poor for Wi-Fi in developing
countries. Please refer to the growing list of countries and their
regulations here:

(choose ByCountry)

The reality "on the ground" is that MOST developing countries do NOT
have the proper regulations to make Wi-Fi possible. They need to issue
Open Spectrum licenses (for free use of the correct spectrum) but have
not done so yet. This situation is taken advantage of by the incumbent
telephone companies who in many cases use the lack of proper regulation
to shut down inexpensive, open, and often free Wi-Fi systems ... because
they see them as competition.

For those of you who may have the ability to influence policy ... more
open spectrum licenses are needed in developing countries ...


On Friday, November 21, 2003, Al Hammond wrote:

> Whether WiFi-like or cellular solutions are most feasible
> may depend as much on the regulatory environment (what's legal) and on
> the openness to innovation in cellular providers.

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