#7361: Segmentation fault on 5f37e0c71ff4af8539c5aebc739b006b4f0c6ebf
 Reporter:  bgamari           |          Owner:                  
     Type:  bug               |         Status:  new             
 Priority:  normal            |      Component:  Compiler        
  Version:                    |       Keywords:                  
       Os:  Unknown/Multiple  |   Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple
  Failure:  Runtime crash     |       Testcase:                  
Blockedby:                    |       Blocking:                  
  Related:                    |  
 I'm experiencing a segmentation fault in previously working code compiled
 with GHC master (5f37e0c71ff4af8539c5aebc739b006b4f0c6ebf). This occurs
 with several executables in bayes-stack[1] (BenchLDA and RunST).

 The easiest reproduction case is BenchLDA, which can be run without any
 external data (although doesn't get built by the cabal file). In the case
 of BenchLDA, gdb says that the crash is occurring in c6FD_info which seems
 to fall within BayesStack.Models.Topic.Types, although -ddump-simpl
 doesn't seem to give any hints as to which function this is.

 [1] http://github.com/bgamari/bayes-stack

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