George Colpitts <> writes:

> +Kazu Yamamoto <>
> Hi Ben
> My 2 machines also have:
> $ spctl --status
> assessments enabled
Hmm, interesting. Then I am truly perplexed.

> Speculations:
> /usr/local/lib/ghc-
> is created after xattr -rc . was run so it doesn't have the necessary
> attributes. Is it possible that ghc developers and/or the test machines
> have this file on another of the paths in the error message and that is why
> it works for them?
I'm not sure where this would be but at this point anything is possible. What 
if you try to install to do something like (in the extracted binary 

    $ ./configure --prefix=`pwd`/tmp
    $ make install            # this will fail
    $ xattr -rc .
    $ make install            # perhaps this will finish successfully?
    # tmp/bin/ghc --version   # GHC should be usable

> I hope I didn't offend you by asking if the fix had been tested; I assume
> it had been but I thought it was important to rule that out.
Not to worry; it's a very reasonable question to ask given the circumstances.

> More than happy to test. I really appreciate all the work you and others
> have put into GHC !
Ultimately I think we may just need to bite the bullet and start
properly notarising/codesigning releases (resolving #17418). At this point we 
spent more time trying to avoid the notarisation requirement than
it would likely take to satisfy it. Unfortunately, this will require
that I find an Apple device somewhere which may take a few weeks.

I'm afraid I am on holiday next week but I would quite grateful if we
could arrange for a chat after I return such that we can debug this in


- Ben

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