You say that accessing Gluster via NFS is actually faster than native (fuse) 
Still I would like to know why we can’t use kernel NFS server on the data 
bricks. I understand we can’t use it on MDS as it can’t support pNFS.


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Gluster does the sync part better than corosync. It's not an active/passive 
failover system. It more all active. Gluster handles the recovery once all 
nodes are back online.

That requires the client tool chain to understand that a write goes to all 
storage devices not just the active one.

3.10 is a long term support release. Upgrading to 3.12 or 4 is not a 
significant issue once a replacement for NFS-ganesha stabilizes.

Kernel NFS doesn't understand "write to two IP addresses". That's what 
NFS-Ganesha does. The gluster-fuse client works but is slower than most people 
like. I use the fuse process in my setup at work. Will be changing to 
NFS-Ganesha as part of the upgrade to 3.10.

On Wed, 2018-03-07 at 14:50 -0500, Ben Mason wrote:

I'm designing a 2-node, HA NAS that must support NFS. I had planned on using 
GlusterFS native NFS until I saw that it is being deprecated. Then, I was going 
to use GlusterFS + NFS-Ganesha until I saw that the Ganesha HA support ended 
after 3.10 and its replacement is still a WIP. So, I landed on GlusterFS + 
kernel NFS + corosync & pacemaker, which seems to work quite well. Are there 
any performance issues or other concerns with using GlusterFS as a replication 
layer and kernel NFS on top of that?



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