I am new to glusterfs. I have used this guide on CentOS-7.6.

glusterfs —version

glusterfs 7.2

Firewall is disabled. Self heal is enabled.
Everything works fine until I reboot one of the servers. When the server
reboots the brick doesn't come online.

*gluster volume status*

*Status of volume: gv01*

*Gluster process                             TCP Port  RDMA Port  Online


*Brick server1:/bricks/0/gv0                 N/A       N/A        N
N/A  *

*Brick server2:/bricks/0/gv0                 49152     0          Y

*Self-heal Daemon on localhost               N/A       N/A        Y

*Self-heal Daemon on server1                 N/A       N/A        Y
2142 *

*Task Status of Volume gv01*


*There are no active volume tasks*

*gluster volume heal gv01*

*Launching heal operation to perform index self heal on volume gv01 has
been unsuccessful:*

*Glusterd Syncop Mgmt brick op 'Heal' failed. Please check glustershd log
file for details*.

*gluster volume heal gv01 info*

* gluster volume heal gv01 info*

*Brick server1:/bricks/0/gv0*

*Status: Transport endpoint is not connected*

*Number of entries: -*

*When I do "gluster volume start gv01 force" brick starts.*

I want the brick to come online automatically after the reboot. I have
attached log file.

Please help.



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