Thanks for the suggestions. My question is if the risk is actually related to only losing the file/dir or actually creating inconsistencies that span through the bricks and "break everything". Of course we have to take action anyway for this not to spread (as we already now have a second entry that developed an "unhealable" directory split-brain) so it is just a question of evaluation before acting.

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Am 12.08.2022 um 17:12 schrieb Ilias Chasapakis forumZFD:

Dear fellow gluster users,

we are facing a problem with our replica 3 setup. Glusterfs version is 9.2.

We have a problem with a directory that is in split-brain and we cannot manage to heal with:

gluster volume heal gfsVol split-brain latest-mtime /folder

The command throws the following error: "failed:Transport endpoint is not connected."

So the split brain directory entry remains and and so the whole healing process is not completing and other entries get stuck.

I saw there is a python script available <> Would that be a good solution to try? To be honest we are a bit concerned with deleting the gfid and the files from the brick manually as it seems it can create inconsistencies and break things... I can of course give you more information about our setup and situation, but if you already have some tip, that would be fantastic.

You could at least verify what's going on: Go to your brick roots and list /folder from each. You have 3n bricks with n replica sets. Find the replica set where you can spot a difference. It's most likely a file or directory that's missing or different. If it's a file, do a ls -ain on the file on each brick in the replica set. It'll report an inode number. Do a find .glusterfs -inum from the brick root. You'll likely see that you have different gfid-files.

To fix the problem, you have to help gluster along by cleaning up the mess. This is completely "do it at your own risk, it worked for me, ymmv": cp (not mv!) a copy of the file you want to keep. On each brick in the replica-set, delete the gfid-file and the datafile. Try a heal on the volume and verify that you can access the path in question using the glusterfs mount. Copy back your salvaged file using the glusterfs mount.

We had this happening quite often on a heavily loaded glusterfs shared filesystem that held a mail-spool. There would be parallel accesses trying to mv files and sometimes we'd end up with mismatched data on the bricks of the replica set. I've reported this on github, but apparently it wasn't seen as a serious problem. We've moved on to ceph FS now. That sure has bugs, too, but hopefully not as aggravating.

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