​Marco, did you try selecting Contacts in that menu?

My menu looks like that too, but selecting Contacts just gives you only a
pop-up window telling you that Contacts has moved​, and where to find it

How are you not able to use contacts within Gmail? If I'm composing a
> message I click the 'To' and am able to select contacts.

​Indeed, one wonders why Google made Contacts no longer within Gmail
itself.  Fortunately, you can use two "products" simultaneously.

The "Contacts" that you get when clicking on "To:" is just an abbreviated
menu, for the moment, not the full Contacts application.  If I want to edit
my Contacts, I have to do it in a separate product, not within Gmail.

It's also possible that your Gmail and ours differ.  I believe it is normal
for Google to "roll out" their product changes in increments, not to
everyone simultaneously.


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