Steve S reviewed the Nav tests and I asked SPH to review the other tests.   

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I doubt that these come from a test system change.  See my email on 8/1 that 
contains test results from master and lunartides runs.  The only difference 
between those two runs was the branch used to build GMAT.  
Everything else on the Linux test machine was unchanged.  The OSIRIS test cases 
were failing on LunarTides and passing on master on 8/1.  Did the folks that 
reviewed these two test runs (I was told that happened!) see these differences?


On 08/10/2017 08:00 AM, Hughes, Steven P. (GSFC-5950) wrote:
> The failures below are hard to diagnose.  They passed in the 8/7 tests, and 
> there were no code changes or test system changes between the 8/7 and 8/8 
> build. So,.. this points to a config. issue on the build system perhaps?
>       GMAT_UserAsteroid(OSIRIS)_HarmonicGravity_0_0 [pos err 0.0108534, tol 
> 1e-05]
>       GMAT_UserAsteroid(OSIRIS)_HarmonicGravity_0_PointMasses [pos err 
> 0.0108534, tol 1e-05]
>       GMAT_UserAsteroid(OSIRIS)_HarmonicGravity_SRP_0 [pos err 0.0109082, tol 
> 1e-05]
>       GMAT_UserAsteroid(OSIRIS)_HarmonicGravity_SRP_PointMasses [pos err 
> 0.0109082, tol 1e-05]
>       GMAT_UserAsteroid(OSIRIS)_HarmonicGravity_SRP_PointMasses_SPK [pos err 
> 0.0109082, tol 1e-05]
>       GMT-4122 [pos err 3455.05, tol 0.001]

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