I'm using gmsh for creating a finite element model of a full aircraft model for 
structural analysis.
For that purpose, I have written a python process which writes the input 
geometry of the aircraft as .geo file and pass it to gmsh via a simple batch 
process in Python. My problem is that when I run that process in batch mode, 
gmsh is running and produces some files called "before.msh" or "after.msh" 
again and again and seems not to converge the mesh generation.
If I start the GUI of gmsh with the input geometry and start the mesh 
generation inside, gmsh finishes after around 4 seconds with a nice mesh!
The aircraft is mainly defined by regular 4 point areas which I recombine to 
get quadrilateral elements. At some places due to the local aircraft structure 
definition, there are some areas with 5 lines which produces some small 
degenerated elements.

I already tested different meshing algorithms and options directly written in 
the geometry input file to overcome to problem, but the batch process of gmsh 
doesn't finish, though.

Can anybody help me with this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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