Dear Kate,

This is "normal" : by default the tolerance to distinguish separate 
points/vertices is set to 1e-6 times the size of the model bounding box. Set 

Geometry.Tolerance = 1e-12;

at the beginning of your script.


> On 21 Sep 2016, at 14:26, look <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I think I found a bug related to the extrusion (and recombination) of 
> relatively small surfaces.
> The problem occurs when you try to extrude very small 2-D cells into the 
> third dimension while having a huge domain, like it is often necessary for a 
> resolved boundary layer mesh for a 2-D airfoil simulation.
> Gmsh then fails to recombine the extruded mesh into quadrangles. 
> You can test this with the attached minimal example. It creates the mesh well 
> until you uncomment the last line. You can then see in the GUI 
> statistics-panel, that gmsh created triangles, which is obviously not 
> intended.
> Please see also the related discussion at
> Best regards,
> Kate
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