It had been suggested to me update my gmsh to the latest snapshot in order
to fix a problem I was having with boundary layers.

Fortunately, after updating the problem was fixed. Unfortunately, after I
updated I was unable to use the gmsh GUI. Now every time I call *gmsh* at
command line, I am presented with all the command line options.
Furthermore, if I attempt to use command line to open a geo file, I am
presented with the standard info:

Info    : Running 'gmsh ../Gmsh/Cases/FreeCAD2D/Impeller.geo' [Gmsh 3.0.7,
> 1 node, max. 1 thread]
> Info    : Started on Mon Feb 12 00:45:50 2018
> Info    : Reading '../Gmsh/Cases/FreeCAD2D/Impeller.geo'...
> Info    : Reading '../Gmsh/Cases/FreeCAD2D/Impeller.brep'...
> Info    : Done reading '../Gmsh/Cases/FreeCAD2D/Impeller.brep'
> Info    : Done reading '../Gmsh/Cases/FreeCAD2D/Impeller.geo'

However, I am also presented with two extra lines:

> Info    : Stopped on Mon Feb 12 00:45:50 2018
> Info    : No current model available: creating one

As a note, I enabled Python wrappers in the new build, however I do not
think this would cause an issue with the GUI.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04. After a little research, I saw that some Mac users
have had issues with using the GUI in the past, but I couldn't find
anything similar for Linux users.

I still have the older version (3.0.6) in my /usr/bin/ directory so I was
able to make a temporary workaround by creating an alias that allowed me to
call the older version to use the GUI. However it would be greatly
preferred to be able to call the GUI with the same command as with other

Any ideas as to what the issue could be?

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