Dear users,

g_energy -f *.edr -vis

I have two questions about the results of eviscoi.xvg ( derivative of
Einstein relation):

1.) I dont understand the unit of y-axis. It is kg.m^(-1).s^(-1).10^(-3) in
"B.Hess 2002"

In eviscoi.xvg
@    yaxis  label "(kg m\S-1\N s\S-1\N ps)"
That is
The unit of y-axis:kg.m^(-1).s^(-1).ps

What is that?
kg.m^(-1).s^(-1).ps equals to kg.m^(-1).s^(-1).10^(-3)?

2.) There are 5 columns in eviscoi.xvg. 1th is time. What are the rest?

By the way, there is 216 water molecules in spc216.gro. But I want to
calculate the shear viscosity of 512 water molecules. How can I get/derive
512 water molecules from spc216.gro? Can anyone give me some hint of this?

Thanks in advance

Ahmet Yıldırım
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