Who  : You!  Your fiends!  Everybody!
What : GNHLUG Summer BBQ Party (with all others welcome)
Where: Miles Smith Farm, Loudon, NH
Date : Saturday, September 8, 2012
Time : 3 PM - 8 PM (or whenever everyone leaves)


  13 confirmed party-goers, and 3 maybes.  Only a couple responses on
the potluck list, though.  Please consider bringing something.  It can
be store-bought or simple, we're just trying to be fair.  Our hosts
are providing burgers and sausages.


  If you object to third-party registration website thingies, please
email me off-list and I can register you without email or even name.

  Any questions, please email me.


  Let's all get together and enjoy the company of friends and
colleagues -- and some darn good food!

  Anyone associated or connected with GNHLUG, or interested in Linux,
Unix, Free/Open Source Software, or anything related, is welcome.
Everyone is encouraged to take this chance to meet and mingle with
other Linux enthusiasts.  While primarily a social event, tech talk is
inevitable at these things, and useful tips and even business
opportunities often pop up.


  Please RSVP here (so we know how many to expect):


  That also will let you register items for the potluck list. Please
look it over to make sure we don't get too many of the same thing,
then add your own.  Show off your culinary or shopping skills, and
please bring some kind of edible item for the party.  BYOB.  Note,
there are more potluck slots than we likely need, for flexibility.
And remember, the farm is supplying hamburgers and beef sausage, so we
don't need more of those.

The registration site:

  * Requires JavaScript
  * Requires an email address (but promises not to publish or share it)
  * Will generate a guest-specific URL for you, once you've registered
  * Will email you a copy of your registration, with that URL
  * Lets you use the URL to edit your responses

  If you object to the above, email me privately (off-list) with your
registration information, and I'll add your info without your mail

  Thanks to Bill McGonigle for setting up the registration thingy.


  Bruce Dawson and Carole Soule have once again generously offered to
be our hosts, at Miles Smith Farm in Loudon, NH (just East of
Concord).  If you've never been there, it's a beautiful spot, with a
rustic old farm house and barn, hilly fields, and an incredible view.
The "farm" part isn't just a name -- it's an actual, working farm,
with cows and horses, and farm products for sale.  Don't let that
scare you away, though -- Bruce is a certified geek, so electricity
and WiFi Internet are readily available.

  Driving directions are on the farm web site:


 Google Maps link to Miles Smith Farm:


  The street address is:

Miles Smith Farm
56 Whitehouse Road
Loudon, NH 03307

-- Ben
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