michael miller writes:

> I was happy with ubuntu 10.04, but built a new computer (intel i5, msi
> mb) and was having trouble finding drivers for some of the hardware so I
> upgraded to 12.04.  Everything works fine, except that frequently it
> boots to a command line instead of the gui.  One to three reboots later
> it's back to normal.  I thought it would be a grub issue but haven't
> changed anything since the original install and particularly don't
> understand why the problem is intermittent.  Any suggestions where I
> should look?

When the box boots up in a non-graphical mode:

1:  what is the output of "runlevel"?

2:  are there any relevant logfiles out in /var/log that
    related to the X server?  Can you show us these?
    On my system these appear in a file with a named like
    /var/log/Xorg.0.log (but I'm not currently running Ubuntu).

3:  is there any relevant stuff in /var/log/messages ?

4:  what happens when you type "telinit 5"?


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