On 10/20/2012 08:30 PM, michael miller wrote:
> I was happy with ubuntu 10.04, but built a new computer (intel i5, msi
> mb) and was having trouble finding drivers for some of the hardware so I
> upgraded to 12.04.  Everything works fine, except that frequently it
> boots to a command line instead of the gui.  One to three reboots later
> it's back to normal.  I thought it would be a grub issue but haven't
> changed anything since the original install and particularly don't
> understand why the problem is intermittent.  Any suggestions where I
> should look?
12.04 has some problems. I was unable to install 12.04 on my laptop, but
I was able to install 12.04.1
12.10 has recently been released.

Sometimes it is useful to interrupt the boot process and look at the
kernel boot command itself.

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