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>> No, a sysadmin should never cover up mistakes.
> Agreed... I was just making a joke.

  FWIW, I got it, and I chuckled.  :-)

> Keeping a volunteer project running is a major (and usually thankless) job.
> So, my most humble apologies.  I did not mean to denigrate what Ben has done
> with the full disclosure and the tireless work on behalf of GNHLUG.

  Thank you, but you people are giving me entirely too much credit.
The server mostly takes care of itself.  I credit the flexibility and
robustness of Linux and FOSS for its reliability.

   I would be remiss if I didn't mention:

* Our hosts, G4 Communications of Manchester NH
(http://www.g4communications.com/), who have provided space and
uninterrupted power and ping for free for almost two years now.
* Matt Brodeur, who's backup system does automatic rsnapshot-based
backups every few hours, giving us granular off-site data protection.

  All I do is run "yum update".  And delete the occasional forgotten
log file.  ;-)

-- Ben
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