This is awesome stuff.  Thanks!  That Arch Linux link is great.  Gives me some 
decent reading, and may lead to an answer.  I suspect that the mapping is 
pointing to the wrong file.

Picked up a thumb drive, so have a couple of things to try, and new stuff to 

I'll make a USB boot drive and at least check that out first.

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On Dec 22, 2022, 11:03 AM, at 11:03 AM, Tom Buskey <> wrote:
>+1 on the hardware if the keys don't work with the USB keyboard
>FWIW, the old Gateway anykey keyboards could remap keys internally.
>stayed mapped even if you plugged it into another system.  I had to
>how to reset them to default.
>After that, Arch linux has a great wiki that applies to many linuxen
>look for layout,
>I use Fedora with xfce and use both keyboards.  I have my laptop
>to use its screen w/ my desktop setup.
>On Wed, Dec 21, 2022 at 7:33 PM Malcolm S
>> If your normal key sequence to get into the BIOS boot menu doesn't
>> work, that sounds pretty conclusively like a hardware issue to me.
>Is it
>> difficult to swap out the keyboard, in this laptop?
>> On Wed, Dec 21, 2022, 19:24 <
>>> wrote:
>>> Just need to go to a store to pick one up.  Yes, I remember using
>>> CD'S for checking and sometimes repairing Windows problems, never
>had to do
>>> that for Linux.
>>> Once I get a thumb drive, I can try a couple of things, including
>>> a live disk or two.
>>> Laptop is only a few years old, so it's not quite a fossil yet.
>>> there though.
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>>> On Dec 21, 2022, at 7:11 PM, Jim McGinness <> wrote:
>>>> For sufficiently old fossils, it might be easier to boot from a
>live CD,
>>>> if thumb drives aren't laying around already.
>>>> Distinguishing between a failed keyboard and a software
>>>> can be helped by seeing the keyboard is not failed under different
>>>> software. Knoppix distributions (at least in the past) had a
>reputation for
>>>> being very good at autoconfiguring a wide variety of hardware. But
>>>> System 76 laptops are sufficiently specialized, it's possible no
>other OS
>>>> will be happy with them.
>>>> Should I assume you're already aware of this page? -
>>>>  -- jmcg
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