On 2022-12-30 14:33, Benjamin Scott wrote:
> Hi everybody!

Hi back!  I have a DO node, annnnd... well, it does most all that you 
mentioned.  I'll respond to particulars in-line.

> - Receive email directly (run an SMTP listener on TCP port 25)
> - Send email directly (initiate outbound connections to TCP port 25)
NOT IPv6 -- which is annoying AF.  But IPv4 works fine.  NOTE: if you 
have both enabled, and are using (at least) Postfix, IPv6 apparently 
gets the ball, first, and will block _all_ outbound e-mail until 
disabled.  See again: annoying AF.
> - Run a web server (HTTP/SSL listener on TCP ports 80 and 443)
> - Run an SSH listener on a non-standard port (remote access)
> - Run a DNS server on UDP and TCP port 53 (authoritative name server)
> - Install and run arbitrary Linux software
> - Fairly low CPU, disk, and RAM usage
They've "recently" -- the past few years -- bumped their $5/mo. VM to 1 
GB.  25 GB of disk, and one vCPU.  Note that it's been a while since I 
set up my current VM, so these may have changed.
> - Hand-holding software like "CPanel" is actively unwanted
Not there (I don't think) unless you want it.

> All I/we want the provider to do is:
> - Provide some kind of UI for low-level VM maintenance
>    - Installation of operating system (canned images are fine)
>    - Recovery of OS when SSH can't be used
> - Make sure the VM doesn't go down due to power or hardware fault
Haven't _had_ it go down, ever, except I think twice: once for a 
proactive remediation against one of the nastier attacks, and once for 
proactive migration because some storage was failing.
> - Make sure IP traffic keeps flowing
??  Not sure what you're looking for, here.
> - Respond to abuse reports to keep reputation at least somewhat OK
I generally go and do my own reputation maintenance by talking to RBLs 
directly.  Are there providers that do that for you??

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