Ted Roche wrote:
> Bill McGonigle wrote:
>> Anybody else get this?
>> -Bill
> I did not. I was a Bug member at one point, assisting with the FoxPro
> User Group and helping with the Windows Group while I was working at
> U.S. Datacenters in 2000-2001.
> I had tried to get in touch with various "leaders" following the Dot-Com
> bomb of USDC, at least to get the LUG meetings on the right night of
> their calendar or with updated contact info, with little luck.
> Not sure they're especially relevant, at this point.

FWIW, I *think* was the one that got us into BUG back when I was the 
"fearless leader"; the big benefit was getting us listed on the site, IIRC.

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