Someone has requested formal permission to become affiliated with
GNHLUG.  The details:

Organization: Gaming SIG

Stated Purpose: To foster community around Free Software games and
game development in New Hampshire

        Arc Riley <>
        Matthew Henninger <>

 This grew out of a gaming night that's attracted significant
interest.  This will be predominantly about Free(dom) games on
Free(dom) platforms.  Activities will include:

* Presentations on Free Software game design applications and game
engines, e.g., Blender, Verse, Quake3
* Organizing local teams to compete in game design competitions, ie,
ludumdare, pyweek
* Showcasing/playing free software games, especially multipler games
in "LAN party" style

 Per previous decision of the Board: (1) Affiliates have permission to
use the GNHLUG name, but are not empowered to make decisions on behalf
of the board.  (2) We need Board Member approval for affiliation with
GNHLUG.  Can each of the Board Members please indicate their approval,
disapproval, abstention, or request for further discussion?

 Full disclosure: I have attended a private-invite LAN party hosted by
the proposed coordinators, and had fun, and contributed to the concept
that others would be interested beyond a private affair.  As such, I'm
going to abstain from voting in this, in the interests of avoiding
even the appearance of a conflict-of-interest.  Should it be needed to
reach a quorum, I may place a vote then.

 For reference, the current board members are:

* Jon "maddog" Hall
* Heather Brodeur
* Ben Scott
* Bill Sconce
* Ted Roche
* Shawn K. OShea
* Michael Kazin

 Discussion, comments, suggestions, objections, concerns, etc., from
non-board members is also welcomed, of course.

-- Ben
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