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> Hello org-list members,

 [cue dim echo, as in a vast empty cavern]

> I would like to start holding Manchester area LUG meetings.

 Please do!

> Can someone here provide me any details on what it takes to "officially"
> start a new chapter in GNHLUG?

 Officially?  The board-of-directors has to approve use of our good
name.  You have to name two contacts, which you've done.  I'll call a
vote on-line.  Hopefully we'll get fast answers.

 Beyond that, you're pretty much on your own at this point.  Paul's
got some good suggestions.

 If there's anything I can do to help, please ask.  I expect there's
not much I actually can do, but you can ask.  :)  If you want
something put on the website and don't want to bother learning how to
use TWiki, feel free to just email it to me and I'll do it.

> Feel free to e-mail me direct if such a discussion will cause
> unnecessary list traffic.

 This list (gnhlug-org) is practically dead.  This may be the first
activity it has seen in 2010.  It's sad.

 I would even suggest considering doing some organizing on
gnhlug-discuss, just in an attempt to stir up interest.  At least
there's more people there.  But do as you like.  It's your meeting.

-- Ben
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