On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 8:31 PM, Bill McGonigle <b...@bfccomputing.com> wrote:
> Doing it well enough for anybody to want to watch is tricky.

  Doing it well is hard, agreed.  But in this age of shaky, grainy,
noisy YouTube videos, doing it "good enough" is becoming more viable.
I've done some proof-of-concept tests and gotten surprisingly good
results relative to the setup (e.g., $200 point-and-shoot camera
mounted on a table tripod).

  (This is for record-and-upload-later.  Not real time.)

  I'll have to bring said setup to a meeting, try recording, and
upload the result to YouTube for consideration.  It will at least give
us a baseline to compare against.

-- Ben
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