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> Has anyone used any of the Quantum Snap Server products to add NAS storage
> for small office use? I remember them using Linux as the hidden OS. I was
> thinking of recommending one of these for use in a small office. So far the

I have an older model at home that I picked up on eBay a couple months 
after reading an article about upgrading the hard drives. After 
and testing it, I couldn't find a shutdown command, and when I just flip 
power switch it shuts down cleanly and then reboots fine when I turn it on.
All I had to do was yank out the tiny drives (I think they were maybe 5 GB
each) and drop in a 100 GB drive, and then tell it to reformat the drive
through the web interface.

I checked out a weblog discussing the upgrade before I bought mine; 
the older model I went with (a SnapServer 2000) has Linux in flash rom, 
and the
hard drives can just be swapped out with no extra effort. The newer models 
apparently store the OS on the hard drive, and nobody on the weblog had 
any success in upgrading them. I believe those were the 1000 and 1100 

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