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>       Anyone used to any one particular OS will find another 
>       particular OS a bit "wierd" in this respect.

  It is, of course, very true that anyone used to all the details of one
Unix will find other Unixes a little "weird".

  However, that obscures the point I was trying to make: That Linux is
fundamentally different in that the distributor (e.g., Red Hat) is not the
primary maintainer of most of the software on the system.  Old-school Unix
admins are used to (e.g.) Apache being a "third-party" product -- even if it
was included by the OS OEM, it was generally treated as a "pre-installed
third-party product".  Even the various free BSDs worked this way (base
system vs ports).  Things simply do not work that way with Linux, and
(AFAIK), Linux is unique in that respect.

  (I am not disagreeing with you; I just want clarify my point.)

> I think it's safe to say, that though UNIX is UNIX, and Linux is UNIX,
> that if you *really* know one variant, trying to switch to another, though
> not hard, does turn up some idiosyncrosies which can lead to confusion
> and/or frustration.

  I find a good analogy is the confusion that occurs when switching from one
brand of car to another.  In the Honda I used to drive, the windshield
washer function was activated by pulling the windshield stalk toward you; in
my current Subaru, it is a button on the stalk instead.  My dad's old Dodge
Aries had the headlight switch on the dash, while my Subaru has it on the
turn signal stalk.  In the Aries, you pulled the turn signal lever toward
you to switch between high and low beams; in my Subaru, you pull for high
beams, but push away for low beams.  And so on.  They all work the same
basic way (steering wheel, gas pedal, etc.), but the details can confuse you
if you are not used to them.

  Since I know someone will ask: MS-Windows is like riding the back of a
taxi driven by someone who means well but doesn't speak English and just got
their license that day.  ;-)

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