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>   This is, ultimately, an education problem.  I suspect that, until we 
> have
> had a sufficient number of computer security disasters (by "disaster", 
> I do
> not mean "website defaced", I mean "widespread financial hardship and/or
> personal injury"), your average user will regard computer security as
> something they want to avoid.
>   I once read a sci-fi novell that used an apropos plot device.  At one
> point, the world-wide computer network fails, causing a decade-long 
> global
> depression.  That is the sort of thing I am envisioning.  I fully 
> expect it
> to be an unpleasant time to be alive.

Unfortunately, a disaster which could be just as great is being erected 
specifically because of these problems with users who do not (know 
enough to)? take security seriously.  TCPA and Palladium take the burden 
of security out of the hands of the user:



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