On 10/15/2016 02:06 AM, Pascal wrote:
> Version numbering:
> m.n with m major version number , n minor version number.
> -alpha is added on m.n when this version is created, to be used without any 
> warranty.
> -beta is added on m.n when this version is enough mature to be tested.
> Then a letter is added on m.n when this version becomes a stable reference 
> release (fully tested).
> The letter is incremented when fixes come.
> For instance : 1.2-alpha, 1.2-beta, 1.2a, 1.2b, 1.2c…

We've discussed this already. I still feel there should be a role for m.n
without any suffix.

> Getter and setter names are identical as Ada provides function for getters 
> and procedure for setters.

This is current Gnoga style, but I find it awkward. Standard usage is for
procedure names to be verbs or verb phrases. Non-Boolean functions should be
nouns or noun phrases; Boolean functions should be adjectives, adjective
phrases, or predicates.

> Ada type entity is ending with "_Type" for a common type, "_Access" for an 
> simple access type, "_Class" for an access to class type.

It seems to be a rule about coding guides that everyone likes some part of the
guidelines, but no one likes all of them. I guess I'll have to retract the
Plotting pkg, since I have (sub)types named Plot_Info, Plot_Point,
Positive_Float, and Point_List, but none that end with these suffices.

> Implementation must target Linux, macOS and Windows platform.

Since Gnoga targets browsers, not platforms, shouldn't this be a list of
browsers rather than OSes?

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