On 2017-03-17 14:13, Gautier de Montmollin wrote:
> Hello!
> Did anyone deploy a GNOGA app on Amazon Web Services (more precisely Amazon 
> Cloud service, https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/ ) ?

Yes, I did a year ago or so.
It just worked - after my friend (the one with Apache know-how of us)
had set it up like

> Any advice, caveat, feedback ?

http+https is redirected to the gnoga-service for a certain path.
There is also some stuff handling upgrading the connection to web sockets.
I'll post the details later, the server is just up 12h a day, and it's
another 3 hours until start.

I used it to as a dashboard for a project of mine.
It updated a web browser on a Raspberry pi 1b.
But there was problems on the browser end (too slow, and leaked memory)
so it is not running anymore (a fat python client is - which has been on
the list to rewrite in Ada for a while)

But the gnoga part worked well.


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