2018-02-08 10:58 GMT+01:00 Milan Crha <mc...@redhat.com>:
> On Wed, 2018-02-07 at 23:33 +0100, Alexandre Franke wrote:
>> >   Tenant cannot be empty
>> That one probably deserves a translator comment. I know the word
>> tenant in the context of renting an appartment, but I have no clue
>> what it could be here.
>         Hi,
> neither do I, that's just a term used by Microsoft. I didn't check what
> they translate it to, if anything. I'll try to find it out and
> eventually add the translator comment, if I find anything usable.
>         Bye,
>         Milan

https://www.microsoft.com/language is a useful tool to check how
Microsoft translates a term. They seem to consistently translate
“tenant” in Polish and German, but not in Czech. I haven’t checked
other languages.

Best regards,

Piotr Drąg
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