Apologies in advance if this gets mixed up. I'm trying to reply to a thread
which was in progress before I joined the mailing list.

I'm struggling to fully follow the in and out on the web version of the
thread (
but if I am following along, it's an attempt to have some extensions locked
in from a system perspective in order to support QA and security of the

However, instead of forking "dash to dock" and "KStatusNotifier"
into "ubuntu-dock" and "ubuntu-appindicator", would it make for a better
end user experience to instead improve the existing extensions and update
Gnome to support some kind of version "Lock" for the extension.

The interface could then advice the user that the extension forms part of
the supported system, and any updates could potentially reduce the
stability and security of the system. But ultimately this would allow me as
end end user to choose to replace with an updated "dash to dock" if I so
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