David Kastrup wrote:
> > Yeah, right. The GNU is the "best of breed", I know.
> Not really.  It's just immortal, 

Oh how charming and pluralistic. Mere mortal GNUtian dak is in mild
disagreemnt with GPL-ober-nazi Herr Dr. Prof. Moglen The Idiologist,
GNU Law Maker, and Admiral in Command of "unfree" ("GPL-incompatible") 
ethnic cleansing operations.

"As to the definition of "derivative work," the uncertainty is
 experienced by those who would like to make proprietary uses of
 GPL'd code, and are unsure whether a particular way of making a
 proprietary enhancement to a free work will certainly or only
 arguably infringe the free developer's copyright. The correct
 answer, of course, is that those who want to take advantage of the
 enormous quantity of freely distributable "best of breed"
 software now available should do so in a fashion that respects the
 principle of freedom in which it was created. All doubt can be
 eliminated, for Mr. Michaelson and all other seekers after wisdom,
 if they remember what they learned in kindergarten: share and 
 share alike."

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