"Alfred M\. Szmidt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    > I don't have physical access to most, if not all, places where I
>    > get free software.
>    You can't get anything without access to the physical media, and
>    you need the owner's permission to access the media.
> And since my employer gave me such access

Access, but not ownership.

> by giving me a CD to install on the local server, the license comes
> into play;

Nope.  The license is given to the licensee, and you are not the
licensee, as you don't get to own the CD.  You are only acting on
behalf of the company.

> and if I so wish, I can redistribute the content if the license of
> that content allows me to do so.

But the license doesn't.  The license allows the owner of the CD to

> The employer cannot say that I am not allowed to do so, since that
> would violate the license.

No, it wouldn't, as he is not distributing the software to you by
letting you install it on his server.  You are not a third party, but
acting as the employer's agent.

You don't understand internal use.

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