OK, you are clueless.

The only person who is clueless is you.  You have obviously not read
anything.  You obviously have such a twisted understanding of
copyright law that even Terekhov seems intelligent beside you.

 If a file has a GPL copyright notice then I am allowed to
 redistribute the work if I so choose.

 If the file does not have a copyright notice, then I am not even
 allowed to look at it.

That you then invent and twist the disucssion into absuridites is
hilarious.  The specific files on the CD are coverted by the GPL, that
you simply do not comprehend this is astounding, specifically after
explanations that they are infact covered by the GPL.  If you cannot
figure out if a file is infact GPLed by reading the copyright notice,
then contact the relevant parties.

You have resorted to name calling on several occasions, absurdities,
and lies about what was actually written or even discussed.  One can
only deduce that the clueless party is you, not me.

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