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> David Kastrup wrote:
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>> > Moglen's underlings don't count.
>> He needs not "underlings" as he is paid for teaching the law at a
>> university.  
> An interesting article about Eben Moglen:
> "Meet the DotCommunist"

Well the author does not have the best grasp on history:

    "But after Stallman combined his GNU system with Finnish developer
    Linus Torvalds' Linux software in 1992, completing the first free
    operating system, free software -- under the apolitical name "open
    source" -- started getting some serious capitalist attention."

This sentence alone manages to pack so many mistakes into few lines
that it can be called nothing but impressive.

Apart from a certain level of cluelessness and some minor things that
look like a lacklustre attempt at a smear, the article actually is
more or less informative.  Of course, it does nothing whatsoever to
support your point of view, but that's not untypical for your random

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