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>> > If you are distributing your copies
>> What gave you the right to make copies?
> GPL.  For example, suppose I run a small business.  I have 20 computers.  
> I want to install some GPL software on them Monday.  Over the weekend, I 
> download the software at home, and make 20 copies, on 20 CDs.  I happen 
> to be out of CD-RW discs, so I burn to CD-R.


> The copies were pretty clearly made lawfully under GPL.  I am clearly
> the owner of the copies.  So, why can't I take advantage of first sale
> and sell them, without the need of copyright permission?

Because to make them lawfully, you had to have permission and this was
given only conditionally.  The conditions don't cease to exist once you
get your copy.

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