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> It is amazing to watch the communication strategy that Free Software
> advocates utilize in promoting their socialist goals. The FSF and
> SFLC have created an efficient network of Astroturf sites that is
> dedicated to promoting their goals. Moglen, Perens, Khun, Lessig and
> a growing list of "advocates" routinely pop up and utter some
> pronouncement concerning the undefined concept known as "open source"
> or F/L/OSS. These utterances are then picked up and amplified throughout
> the Blogosphere and quickly assume an aura of invincible truth.
> The fanfare and sheer volume of internet posts surrounding the
> announcement that the SFLC had filed suit against Best Buy and thirteen
> other corporations was impressive. I Googled [sflc "best buy"
> infringement] and received 67,400 hits (an unscientific but relevant
> search). Obviously the announcement was considered an important
> development. Best Buy countersued for a declaratory judgment of
> non-infringement. A judgment of non-infringement in favor of Best Buy
> would utterly demolish the myth of Richard Stallman's "copyleft"
> principle. So, how many blogs have noted this fact? I Googled
> [sflc "best buy" "non-infringement"] and received 34 hits. Free Software
> advocates are obviously great at practicing the politics of communication.
> One poster to these news groups, amicus curious, aptly pointed out that
> the SFLC was probably going to be able to walk away with propaganda
> "victories" through voluntary dismissals until some company found it
> financially worthwhile to end the SFLC's legal charades. It appears that
> circumstance is well nigh at hand. I wonder how the Blogosphere will
> react to the death of "copyleft".
> Sincerely,
> RJack :)

Every time I start mining the blogosphere I keep coming up with a
shovel full of pyrite = fool's gold = Roy Schestowitz Propoganda.

He has literally polluted just about everything that used to be
good WRT Linux and the discussion of Linux.

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