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> David Kastrup wrote:
>> RJack <u...@example.net> writes:
>>> That's a really brilliant tautology. "If I never use the GPL then
>>> the Supreme Court ruling doesn't apply"! Clever. Really clever.
>> You are getting this backwards.  The Supreme Court talks about
>> non-parties here.  If you, as recipient of software, don't make use
>> of the GPL, you are a non-party.  So the Supreme Court ruling
>> concerning non-parties _does_ apply, and you are not bound by the
>> terms of the GPL. If you, however, make use of the GPL, you become a
>> party of the license agreement.
> Who am I supposed to believe? You or my lyin' eyes? ROFL.

I think that the lying happens later in the processing chain.  Anyway,
if you have access to a brain, I recommend that you switch it on.  That
way, you avoid the need to believe anybody else.

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