Hyman Rosen wrote:
On 4/9/2010 11:07 AM, Alexander Terekhov wrote:
A copyright claim requires to identify PARTICULAR EXPRESSION
Yes, so?

Why don't you post here "their GPL source code"?
For what?

What "their GPL source code" are you talking about?
The source code of BusyBox.

As usual, you are failing to communicate.

BusyBox is a program in which the SFLC plaintiffs hold copyright. It
is a work which is in constant modification, so there are many
versions of it. Each modification is a derivative work of the version
modified, and therefore any rights holder in a particular version is
also a rights holder in all subsequent versions.

You can only claim infringement for works that *you* own.
Register *your* contribution and stop claiming rights to
ownership of a derivative work as a whole.

The only permission to copy and distribute BusyBox comes via its
license, the GPL. If defendants are copying and distributing any
version of BusyBox without complying with the GPL, then they are
infringing copyright. It may be that in some circuits, it is
necessary that the rights holders have registered the specific
version alleged to be infringed, in which case the plaintiffs can
register that version and refile their claims, with the only effect
being that they can not claim statutory damages for the infringement
which occurred prior to the registration.

Stop making up stuff Hyman. You sound ridiculous.

RJack :)
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