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The First Sale doctrine has nothing to do with copyright infringement of GPL-covered works, except in its usual sense.
In particular, a copy of a GPL-covered work made for use does
not become a copy which may be transferred under 17 USC 109
without the GPL being honored, any more
Samsung and several other defendants disagree with you stupid Hyman.
Defendants try making an exhaustive list of conceivable theories (even conflicting ones) for why a complaint should be held
invalid. They need just a single hit to be relieved from
compliance.  So what does it tell us when they choose to comply
after all (as they have consistently ended up with so far)?

Just show us the settlement agreements DAK. Just the agreements

Why would they make the source code available without necessity?

Uh. Huh?

Out of court settlements are private.  But the results speak for

For instance see:

RJack :)
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