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>>> On Tue, 03 Dec 2013 19:54:24 -0800, keltonkostis wrote:
>>> M$ will never "win" unless they shift their focus to the business
>>> sector,
>>> which M$ continually frustrates as they continue wasting time/money on
>>> the home user.
>> You should go into a modern nursing home and watch them as they use
>> touch screens mounted on the walls.  No keyboards, as they don't have
>> time.  A touch screen is perfect for that kind of health care system and

    Don't have time? If they don't have time then they actually need a 
keyboard because it is a far superior input for non-trivial data entry.

    People can touch type with a proper keyboard.

>> most doctors approve of this approach.
> I was referring to billing, insurance, and the like.

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